It's nice to meet you. Matt Borg. Librarian, trainer, consultant, writer, troublemaker.

Drinking coffee, speaking and writing about UX in libraries, library technology and discovery. Senior Librarian and Solutions Expert at Ex Libris, I work with universities across Europe with library systems platforms, discovery systems, User Experience and LEGO Serious Play.

Previously an academic librarian, lecturer, website designer and organic fruit and veg delivery. The phrase "Portfolio Career" has never been more apt. My talks always take their title from Star Trek: The Next Generation episode titles. There are 178 episodes. I have plenty left.


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Drop me a line - choose from a variety of internet related ways. It's no snapchat, but I check email regularly. I'm on the Twitters. LinkedIn also gets a look in. Say hi there as well.

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Things I've written. Books, book chapters, journal articles, smaller articles, reviews, diatribes.

So I sometimes write stuff. Some of it is ranty, most is not. I also write other things like shopping lists and book reviews. They are not included here. But are no less ranty. Most recent is the User Experience in Libraries book.

People often ask about presentations I've done - most of which you can find on the Borg Blog.